Color:Story - A community event, a visual art and literary exhibition with a dynamic opening/ reading/ poetry slam, created by artists Marlo Saucedo and Leslie Gaworecki to bridge creative worlds.



Leslie’s Story

I’ve been a full-time artist for the past 15 years.  After moving often and living abroad for much of my youth, I received a BFA in photography from The Ohio State University and found my way back to Texas.  I spent the next decade photographing people and events across the country and teaching myself to paint.  In 2016 I began showing paintings in my Houston studio and in exhibitions within the city.  My most recent work explores longing for place - places from the past, places called home, unseen places of the future.  Mostly acrylic with some mixed media, my painting practice is driven by color and the surprises that happen when I release expectation. I live with her husband and four young sons who inspire my mark-making and my tendency toward whimsy.


Marlo's Story

I’m interested in the internal and external, mind and matter, presenting in my work an interior at a close distance, like the stories we hold within ourselves, and a separate exterior from further away. Journalism experience and love for the written word influence my work. I call it visual art narrative, incorporating a narrative to tell a story as a visual on board or canvas. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Glassell Jr. School scholarship classes were my introduction to art. I left the city for a psychology BA, a Spanish language minor, and an MBA in other cities, and returned to a vibrant arts community in Houston. My work is labor-intensive but it is my meditation, created in the light of a north-facing window in a home surrounded by woods outside of the city.



We both use words in our work. We both love books and appreciate creative writing - and, we thought, why not pull the two worlds together? Ours, fashioned by the processes of creation of visual art pieces, and writers’ and poets’ worlds, their own methods of creation? We began working with writers and poets in 2019 and our work culminated in Color:Story 2019, an exhibition with a dynamic art opening.reading/poetry slam that drew a bigger crowd than that Houston gallery space had ever seen. We chose 17 Houston-area writers for that exhibit via submission process, and created collaborative and individual pieces to showcase and honor their work, 17 pieces for 17 individuals whose worlds we bridged with our own. Taking national submissions for 2020.


Color:Story 2020 - Be A Part of It